About Me

I have acted in over 50 independent and student film projects and have a background in community and university theatre (6 years, 23 roles) with classes from VanArts, VADA and other institutions. I have a joint double major degree in science (biochemistry,
molecular biology and archaeology) and love animals. I am also an experienced model for commercial and magazine/print work
(over 200 photoshoots and 70 runway shows).

Upcoming Projects

•Winner of Best Actress at the Sicily Film Awards (One More Last Kiss)

•One More Last Kiss won Best Romantic Short Film at the Independent Shorts Awards LA

•The Last Chapter is in Post-Production

•Lead in webseries short "Toenails and Oatmeal, ep 2" in post-production

•My latest student film with SFU premiered in December

•Check out my instagram for my latest shoots

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